Kokoontaitettava sähköpyörä.
Kokoontaitettava sähköpyörä.
Kokoontaitettava sähköpyörä.
Kokoontaitettava sähköpyörä.
Kokoontaitettava sähköpyörä.
Kokoontaitettava sähköpyörä.

Folding electric bike

Rent a smart electric bike here for your trip!

An electric bicycle is an excellent piece of equipment on a trip. You can nimbly explore new surroundings and enjoy the peace of nature.

LAOTIE X FIIDO D4s Pro fits neatly into a small space thanks to the foldable handlebar and frame. By simply turning the bar, you can easily get the bike under the bed of our camper vans, for example. The bike can also be attached to the bike racks in our cars.


  • 1 week: 2100km
  • 2 weeks: 3600 km
  • 3 weeks: 4500 km
  • 4 weeks: 5600km

    Extra kilometers

    • €0.29/km or equivalently you can buy additional kilometers in advance.

    Additional kilometers:

    • 300km €59.90
    • 600km €109.90
    • 1000km €159.90


    The car is handed over and returned with the diesel tank and AdBlue tank filled. If you wish, you can buy AdBlue refueling as an accessory.

    Modern diesel cars do not work without AdBlue. AdBlue reduces harmful emissions caused by diesel.


    The customer brings his own bedding or alternatively you can rent them from us as an accessory.

    Cutlery and general supplies

    The rental includes cooking and eating utensils for the whole group, including plates, cups, forks, knives, spoons and a coffee maker. Toilet paper and toilet chemicals are also included in the rental.

    Final cleaning

    The rental includes washing the outside of the car and toilet chemicals. The customer returns the car cleaned, the toilet washed and emptied, and the gray water tank emptied. You can also buy final cleaning as an extra in advance when renting.

    Accidents and insurance

    The rental price includes extensive rental insurance with a €990 deductible and a Fiat Professional warranty and roadside assistance 24/7.

    At the moment, we offer customers a separate glass insurance (€200 deductible) for all reservations.

    Gas cylinders

    The rent includes 2 11 kg gas cylinders, one of which is handed over and returned full (sealed).


    Accessories and prices can be found here .

    Note Smoking in the car is prohibited and the car may not be taken to parties.

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