By motorhome or camper van to Norway

A motorhome or camper van offers an exciting and flexible travel option in Norway. Norway is known for its wonderful landscapes, fjords and wonderful nature. This article offers tips and information about RV and RV camping in Norway, covers the most popular travel routes and best travel destinations, provides information on vehicle rental, road conditions, accommodation and other useful information needed for a successful trip in Norway.

Why choose a camper van or camper van as a travel option in Norway?

Traveling by motorhome or motorhome offers many advantages in a country like Norway. First, it gives you the freedom to explore the country at your own pace and stop at beautiful places to enjoy the amazing views. Secondly, a motorhome or camper offers accommodation and movement in the same package, which saves time and effort. In addition, it gives you the opportunity to fully experience the Norwegian outdoor life.

Plan a route and explore destinations in Norway

Before the trip, it's a good idea to plan a route and familiarize yourself with the travel destinations in Norway. Norway offers countless wonderful places such as fjords, national parks, mountains and fishing villages. Popular travel itineraries in Norway include the Hurtigruten cruise, the Northern Norway Route, the West Coast Road and Geiranger-Trollstigen.

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Traveling by motorhome in Norway

Renting motorhomes in Norway

If you don't own your own camper, you can rent one in Norway. There are several companies in Norway that offer motorhome rental services. Make sure you choose a reliable and reputable company with good customer service and proper insurance.

Vehicle reservation and insurance

When booking a motorhome in Norway, make sure you book well in advance of your trip. Also check the rental terms and insurances. It is important that you have appropriate insurance policies to cover any damages or accidents during the trip.

Road conditions and traffic rules in Norway

Norway's road network is extensive and offers great scenery, but road conditions can vary. It is important to be aware of speed limits, tolls and traffic rules. Norway also has roads that open alternately in certain mountain areas, so check the information before your trip.

Advantages of motorhomes in Norway

Traveling by campervan in Norway offers its own advantages.

Accommodation options in camper vans

Camper vans offer comfortable accommodation during the trip. They are equipped with various amenities, such as beds, a kitchen and a toilet. This way you can enjoy comfortable accommodation and save on hotel costs.

Freedom and flexibility in travel

Traveling by motorhome gives you the freedom and flexibility to explore Norway. You can decide your route during the day and stop at beautiful places if you want. This gives you the opportunity to fully enjoy the wonderful scenery and nature of Norway.

Natural beauty and Norway's outdoor life

Norway is known for its amazing nature, and traveling by camper van gives you the opportunity to experience it to the fullest. You can visit national parks, hike in the mountains, go fishing or just enjoy the fresh air and beautiful scenery. A camping car offers you the opportunity to be close to nature and enjoy outdoor life.

Prepare for a trip with a motorhome or campervan in Norway

Before the trip, it is important to be properly equipped.

Necessary equipment and tools

Make sure you have the necessary equipment and tools for the trip. This includes, for example, sleeping bags, dishes, cooking utensils, camping equipment, outdoor clothing and hiking shoes. Also take maps and navigation devices with you so that you can easily find travel destinations.

Food shopping and cooking during the trip

When you travel in a motorhome or motorhome, you can prepare your own meals during the trip. Plan the menu in advance and do the necessary grocery shopping before the trip. You can also explore the local markets and enjoy fresh local products.

Environmentally responsible tourism

Norway strongly invests in environmentally responsible tourism. Be aware of waste sorting and recycling during the trip. Avoid littering and keep nature clean. Use sustainable energy sources and try to reduce the carbon footprint caused by the trip.

Tips for traveling by motorhome or camper van in Norway

Before the trip, it is good to consider the following tips.

Weather conditions and clothing

Weather conditions in Norway can vary greatly, so be prepared for different weather conditions. Bring warm clothes, umbrellas and good outdoor shoes. Also check the weather reports before the trip and choose the routes accordingly.

Campsites and parking spaces

In Norway, there are several campsites and parking places for campers and camper vans. Familiarize yourself with the services of the campsites in advance and, if necessary, reserve a spot in advance. Parking spaces often have services such as toilets and showers.

Norway's natural attractions and activities

There are plenty of wonderful natural attractions and activities in Norway. Discover national parks, hiking trails, mountains, waterfalls and fishing spots. Also find out about local events and festivals that may be on during your trip.


A motorhome or camper van offers an exciting and convenient travel option in Norway. It gives you the freedom to explore the country's stunning landscapes and enjoy Norway's outdoor life. Before the trip, plan the route, research destinations and reserve the vehicle in time. Remember to equip yourself properly, enjoy the natural beauty and keep environmental issues in mind during your trip.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you need special driving licenses for camper vans or camper vans in Norway?

In Norway, you need a valid B driver's license to drive camper vans and camper vans.

What must be taken into account regarding road tolls and road user charges?

There are tolls on some roads and bridges in Norway. You can pay them in advance or in arrears. You can find more information on the website of the Norwegian road toll services.

Is there wide coverage for wireless internet in Norway?

Wireless internet is usually available in cities and major tourist destinations in Norway. In rural areas, coverage may be more limited.

How long is it recommended to set aside time for traveling in Norway with a motorhome or motorhome?

The recommended travel time depends on your travel plan and your interests. There is a lot to see and do in Norway, so plan enough time for the trip.

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