Rental conditions



1.1 Regardless of the order, a rental agreement is always created between the car rental company ("rental company") and the person who signed the rental agreement or the legal entity (hereafter collectively "lessee") that the person who signed the rental agreement represents in the rental event.


2.1 Kilometer limits:

1 week: 2100km
2 weeks: 3600km
3 weeks: 4500km
4 weeks: 5600km

2.2 We charge a reservation fee of 300.00 euros, which is deducted from the total amount of the rent.

. The reservation takes effect when the reservation fee paid by the renter is in the rental company's bank account. The rental also takes effect when the renter pays the car's rental price in full to the account.

2.3 If the renter cancels the contract, the booking fee will not be refunded if there are less than 30 days to the start of the rental period.

2.4 The rent includes washing the outside of the car, instruction on how to use it, toilet chemicals, repairs caused by normal wear and tear, insurance according to the rental agreement, LPG bottle 11 kg, cutlery and cooking utensils.

2.5 The rent does not include fuel, final cleaning, emptying the gray water tank, emptying the toilet cassette.

2.6 The renter pays for the fuel he needs. The rental company has announced the type of fuel

use. The renter is fully responsible for damages caused by using the wrong type of fuel. The renter is also obliged to take care of the normal inspections of the vehicle during the rental period, such as the amount of engine oil, coolant and battery fluids, tire air pressure, etc.

  1. 2.7 The car is returned with the inside cleaned, the gray water tank and toilet cassette emptied.

  2. 2.8 In connection with the return, possible damages are checked together with the renter. Damages

are due immediately and the rental company can charge the costs arising from the damage or the deductible for the damage covered by the insurance without delay.

2.9 The renter must pay the rent of the vehicle 3 weeks before the start of the rental. The rent must be paid immediately if there is less time before the start of the rental. Cancellations made after this will be charged half of the rental price.


3.1 The rental period starts from the moment of handing over the car, when the lessor must hand over the car to the lessee in working order and according to the law at the agreed time.

3.2 When the rental company hands over the vehicle to the renter, the renter must check the exterior and interior of the vehicle as well as the condition of the equipment/supplies and make comments about them to the rental company.

  1. 3.3 Observed deficiencies and defects are marked and documented in the rental agreement.

  2. 3.4 The lessee cannot later invoke deficiencies if the inspection obligation has been neglected or if defects/deficiencies

have been visually detectable during a normal inspection.

3.5 Exchange day is Sunday, unless otherwise agreed. Pick-up, instructions for use and return according to agreement. For late return, we charge 50.00 euros for each starting hour, unless otherwise agreed, which must be paid immediately.

4 4.1


The renter is responsible for the vehicle until it is handed over to the rental company.

The car must be returned at the end of the agreed rental period, carefully cleaned, in the same condition as when the car was handed over.

4.3 When returning the car, the rental company and the lessee will inspect the vehicle. The renter must report all deficiencies and defects to the rental company. Defects and deficiencies found during the inspection are subject to the renter's liability for damages, excluding defects resulting from normal wear and tear. Compensation must be paid immediately. The lessor has the right to collect also the deficiencies and damages discovered afterwards that the lessee did not report.

4.4 The rental company is not obliged to return part of the rental fee if the renter returns the vehicle before the end of the agreed rental period.

4.5 The rental company has the right to charge the costs incurred for cleaning the car, for washing dirty carpets/textiles EUR 50.00, dirty dishes EUR 50.00, final cleaning EUR 100.00, for emptying the toilet EUR 50.00, for missing fuel the price/liter according to the general price level and a refueling fee of 20.00 euros, 25.00 euros for filling the gas bottle if the aforementioned tasks belonging to the renter are not done.


5 5.1


The renter is responsible for the vehicle until it is handed over to the rental company.

The renter is obliged to take care of the vehicle as a careful person would act in a similar situation, and to observe special care and caution when driving and using it. The renter undertakes to use and store the vehicle and its equipment in a normal way corresponding to the purpose.

5.3 It is prohibited to transport animals in the vehicle, unless the rental company has given written permission. Wearing outdoor shoes, smoking indoors is prohibited. All others that cause harm to the vehicle are also prohibited, e.g. transporting engines etc. in the car (drainage and odors remain in the car).

5.4 The renter is committed to driving the vehicle himself. In the rental agreement, the license is separately marked for those who have the right to drive the vehicle, and the driver does not have the right to hand over the car to a third party without the written permission of the rental company. The renter and drivers must have a valid Finnish driver's license and be at least 21 years old. The lessee is obliged to provide information about the contents of this agreement to those persons to whom he hands over the vehicle according to the lease agreement and its terms.

  1. 5.5 Using the vehicle or equipment for illegal or other inappropriate purposes is prohibited.

  2. 5.6 The vehicle and its equipment must be kept locked. The vehicle and its equipment are during the rental period

under the lessee's responsibility.

5.7 The renter and the driver are responsible for speeding and parking fines, overload charges and other charges they incur during the rental, such as road use and toll charges.


5.8 The vehicle is equipped with a GPS locator to protect property, prevent and investigate theft and fraud crimes. The location only transmits the vehicle's location information to the rental company. The renter is aware of and accepts the location of the vehicle, in accordance with these conditions.


6.1 The renter's deductible is, unless otherwise agreed separately: In the Nordic countries, EUR 1,000.00. The car may not be driven out of the country without agreement with the renter.

6.2 The car has a valid traffic insurance and comprehensive comprehensive insurance. Compensation for statutory motor insurance is determined by the Motor Insurance Act. Traffic insurance compensates the personal and property damage of the party who is not at fault in the traffic accident, as well as the personal injuries of the driver and passengers of the vehicle responsible for the damage.

  1. 6.4 In the event of damage, the renter is obliged to pay the deductible to the rental company immediately.

  2. 6.5 The renter is obliged to compensate all damages, regardless of the amount of the deductible, if to the car

the damage caused is due to the renter's intent, negligence, violation of the law (speeding, intoxication, overloading, use of a trailer exceeding the towing capacity, etc.) or misuse of the vehicle or its equipment (dirtying the fresh water tank, etc.). The deductible also does not cover damage to devices operating at 230 V voltage if the device is used with over or under voltage, breakage of the awning caused by wind, storm, rain, freezing or other careless use, damages resulting from the use of separate devices other than those approved by the renter, smoking or keeping animals or resulting from them damage, upholstery damage caused by cuts, snow damage (snowfall areas), damage caused by improper refueling (water or fuel), driving in too tight spaces, driving or using in violation of fire safety regulations, driving off-road or on ice or in areas not intended for motorhomes or damage caused by frost where the renter acted carelessly.

6.6 The renter is also liable to compensate the rental company for damages caused by a third party (e.g. drivers, family members, guests) and which are not covered by the insurance.

  1. 6.7 The renter is responsible for any additional insurance.

  2. 6.8 Serious damage or loss to the vehicle or its equipment is the responsibility of the renter

notify the rental company immediately.

6.9 The rental company is not liable for compensation for the maintenance and repair days of the vehicle, and the renter will not be reimbursed for them.

6.10 Exporting the vehicle outside of Finland always requires written permission from the rental company. The vehicle may not be exported to Russia, Belarus, Ukraine or Moldova.

6.11 The renter is obliged, up to the upper limit of the deductible specified in the contract: To compensate for damages to the vehicle and its equipment during the rental period. To replace parts and accessories lost from the vehicle during the rental period.

To compensate for cleaning and cleaning costs resulting from unauthorized use and unusual soiling of the vehicle and its equipment.

To pay the daily fee according to the contract for the downtime caused by the damage, however for a maximum of 30 days. Downtime begins to run from the day of the injury.

The renter is obliged to compensate for damages to the windshield and tires, such as stone impacts and tire damage. There is no compensation obligation if the rental company receives full compensation from someone else. There is also no compensation obligation if the damage is caused by a technical fault or normal wear and tear or another reason comparable to these.

6.12 Pets are only allowed in selected cars on a case-by-case basis. Taking a pet in the car must be agreed separately with the rental company when booking. The renter takes full responsibility for his pet and is liable for compensation for any damage caused by the pet. A pet supplement is usually charged for a pet. For unauthorized pets, we charge a pet fee according to the price list and a fine of €50.


7.1 The renter is obliged to compensate the Rental Company for damages in full, without limitation of deductible, if the damages have arisen or were caused in any of the following ways: overloading, smoking in the car, damage to the car's upholstery, driving with over- or under-inflated tires, lost keys, using the wrong fuel, snow damage when there are signs warning about them , driving in spaces that are too cramped considering the size of the vehicle, driving on roads or areas in poor condition or other careless or incorrect use of the car. The renter is obliged to compensate the Rental Company for the cleaning and cleaning costs resulting from the unusual soiling of the car.

7.2 The Renter's full compensation obligation always also applies to damages that are directly or indirectly caused by the Renter's criminal conduct, use of the car under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicating substances, or other intentional or gross negligence violation of contract terms.

7.3 The renter is released from his liability for compensation to Vuokraamo, also with regard to deductibles, if Vuokraamo receives full compensation for the damage from the possible third party causing the damage or his insurance company.


8.1 The renter must immediately notify Vuokraamo of any defect or damage to the car during the rental period. The police must always be notified immediately about a crime involving a car, a traffic accident, and an injury to a person or an animal. In the event of damage, the Renter must always fill out a written damage report to the Rental Company. The renter is fully responsible for the damages resulting from the neglect of the aforementioned notices.

8.2 The rental company is responsible for a technical fault occurring in the car during the rental period, which is not caused by the Lessee's operating error and/or carelessness. Provided that the error or fault is the responsibility of the Rental Company and if it is necessary to continue the trip, the Renter can repair the car on his own initiative at the Rental Company's expense to a maximum value of 75 euros. A receipt for the repair work and the payment made must be submitted to Vuokraamo.

8.3 The rental company and the renter can separately agree on necessary repair costs so that the renter pays the repair costs incurred during the trip, which the rental company pays the renter against a receipt within two weeks after the vehicle has been returned. All broken spare parts, including vehicle tires, must be returned to the rental company, unless otherwise agreed.

8.4 The rental company is not responsible for indirect damages caused to the renter in the event of damage or failure. Indirect damages include, for example, unused accommodation fees, concert and ship tickets, etc.

8.5 If the car develops a technical fault or other fault during the rental period, for which the Renter is not responsible according to the rental conditions, the Renter can demand from the Rental Company to correct the fault or reduce the price corresponding to the fault.


9.1 The rental company has the right to terminate the agreement immediately if it becomes apparent that the Renter is in material violation of the terms of the agreement. The renter is then obliged to immediately return the car with all equipment to the agreed return location.

9.2 Either party can cancel the contract if the car is stolen or the car has a defect or obstacle preventing the use of the car that is the responsibility of the Rental Company and the Rental Company does not deliver a replacement car within a reasonable time of notification.

9.3 Disputes regarding the rental agreement are primarily resolved through negotiation. If the disagreement is brought to a court for resolution, the matter will be resolved by the district court of Vuokraamo's domicile or, in cases of consumer disputes, a subordinate court according to other law. The consumer can also refer the matter to the Consumer Disputes Board.

9.4 For the interpretation and application of the agreement between the rental company and the lessee, the following priority order of documents is followed: 1) rental agreement 2) Rental terms and conditions 3) Other instructions given by the rental company 4) general legislation. In addition, the general terms and conditions of the insurance company apply to the limitations of the insurance terms.


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